The little witch

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The kids and I are currently reading an old classic – “Die kleine Hexe” (Otfried Preußler; translate: The little witch). This book used to me one of my own childhood favourites and is bringing back lots of good memories!

Toilet break

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I just re-did an old classic of mine – the ‘toilet-break with small kids’. Currently reworking some of the older versions, as I find that my approach to the topic has changed quite a bit lately!

Push notification

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I cannot help but laugh every time someone mentions a push notification (silly, I know). So how about imagining an annoying automated machine, such as a robot, constantly poking you when you receive a new email or notification? Or anything, really? Right. Annoying.

Ink pen and water colour.


Nitrogen narcosis

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If you are a scuba diver, you have definitely come across the expression nitrogen narcosis. Luckily, throughout my many, many dives, this has never happened to me. But I imagine it could look something like this! Care to share your experiences?

Water colour.



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A splash of colour on a grey Sunday. I’ve worked on this for a while to try out the new oil paints I got for Christmas. They take forever to dry – something I had totally forgotten! I was happy to see I’m not out of practice yet. I simply love oil colour, despite its complicated features.

Oil on canvas.


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It’s this time of the year again! Luckily we are having an unusually mild and warm winter, which means I’m not having to fight a major winter depression. Still… dreaming…

Lazy summer days…

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I really love water colour. It’s so easy to sit down for a quick, nice painting even when you’re really short for time. This is simple, I know – but it was exactly what I needed to unwind and relax on this early spring day. I touched up the colours with a charcoal pencil.

Water colour.

Taking the kids shopping

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I know a lot of people find this stressful, but for me it is one of the most wonderful things to do: taking the kids shopping! We never leave without a treat and always stop for every little flower and animal along the way. It’s a time where simple things matter, time slows down, and my children and I get to talk.

Mixed media: Black ink pen and colour pencil.


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The picture of a dead refugee boy washed ashore on the beach in Turkey rocked the world this week. I have a son the same age, so this news hit me hard. I painted a picture for Aylan, a life lost much too soon, for all the children out there who are living in unsafe conditions far from their homes. And I am especially thankful for our beautiful warm house, for a sense of belonging and stability, and for my two healthy and happy children.

Water colour.

Little tree friends

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Autumn is here, and as the days are getting colder, our little garden inhabitants are preparing for winter! For Mr. Squirrel this means stocking up on hazelnut and reinforcing his drey to prepare for many long months of snow.

Water colour.